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Luke Naveira

Trainee Solicitor / Police Station Representative

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My primary role is representing clients in all interviews under caution in relation to allegations they may be facing.

I have worked for Hill Twine Solicitors since December 2019 and have gained a significant amount of experience in my role as an Accredited Police Station Representative.  Such is my knowledge and expertise that the I deal with some of the firm’s most serious cases at the police station, including murder and rape.  I was delighted to accept the firm’s offer to train to qualify as a solicitor and I commenced my studies in September 2023.  Whilst training, I will continue to represent people at the police station.

As an Accredited Police Station Representative, I have experience dealing with all criminal offences investigated by the police. My goal is to provide efficient and effective legal advice, assistance and representation in order to obtain the best outcome for clients given the evidence in the case.

All interviews under caution are significant and the police may invite you to the police station to attend a voluntary interview. I would strongly advise anyone to seek legal advice regarding any matter the police wish to speak to you about.

It is essential that you receive the correct advice and your rights are protected during an investigation. If you have been invited to a voluntary interview under caution, please contact me to arrange representation.


  • Accredited Police Station Representative


I enjoy water sports and have been surfing and paddle boarding for over 15 years. I also enjoy playing board-games and am rebuilding a motorcycle.

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