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Luke Naveira Commences a Solicitor Apprenticeship to Qualify as a Solicitor

Hill Twine Solicitors is very happy to announce that Luke Naveira has started his training to qualify as a solicitor! Luke joined Hill Twine Solicitors at the end of 2019 and has excelled ever since. He became a Police Station Accredited Representative in 2020 and is a master of his craft. Luke excels in analysing evidence, identifying legal issues, client care, and arguing his clients' case. Luke has dealt with some of the firm's most complex and challenging cases at the police station, including representing a significant number of clients accused of murder and serious sexual offences.

We were delighted when Luke accepted our offer to undertake an apprenticeship to qualify as a solicitor with Hill Twine Solicitors & Barristers. As a solicitor apprentice, Luke will continue to work full-time whilst studying with the University of Law to pass the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). The firm will support him throughout his studies and he will have designated and protected study time during the working week. He will also undertake the firm’s own solicitors’ training programme, focused on developing the skills necessary to successfully defend those facing criminal proceedings.

Upon successful completion of the solicitor apprenticeship, Luke will qualify as a solicitor in 2026. He will then undertake further training and assessments to achieve the Criminal Litigation Accreditation, thereby qualifying as a duty solicitor.

In becoming a Trainee Solicitor, Luke joins Zara Keu, who started her own qualification journey with the firm at the beginning of 2023. We feel very privileged to have two solicitor apprenticeships in the firm and take very seriously our responsibilities to help them become the best they can be. And yes, that will involve all of us in the firm getting the opportunity to show-off our acting skills (or lack thereof!) in mock trials. Although it won’t descend into the anarchy that are the mock trials in the US courtroom drama Suits. At least, we hope not!

If you are interested in qualifying as a solicitor and would like to learn more about solicitor apprenticeships, click here.

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