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Client Avoids Prison as Court Accepts She Did Not Have a Knife

SS was accused of offences of criminal damage, possession of a bladed article, and assault by beating. She accepted some of the allegations, but not all. Through skilful representation by Hill Twine Solicitors right from the very start of the proceedings, we were able to ensure that justice was done in SS's case. The judge at Bournemouth Crown Court sentenced her based on what she said happened, not what the prosecution said happened. An excellent result for SS as she avoided going to prison, which she surely would have done if the prosecution's case had been accepted by the Court.

Hill Twine Solicitors represented SS at the police station and throughout the court stages of this case. We secured legal aid for her proceedings, analysed evidence, instructed counsel, and dealt with post-sentencing matters.

SS was accused of, and charged with offences of criminal damage, possession of a bladed article (a knife), and assault by beating. She was represented by Luke Naveira at the Police Station. SS benefitted from Luke’s consideration police station experience and following his advice right at the start helped ensure the end result was the right one in her case.

While accepting responsibility and pleading guilty to the criminal damage charge, SS denied possession of a knife. In relation to the assault by beating charge she argued that she acted in self-defence. Notably, we identified that CCTV evidence presented by prosecutors did not support the allegation that our client was in possession of a blade. 

We identified that the prosecution’s CCTV evidence did not show our client had a knife

Hill Twine Solicitors puts the needs of its clients first. We prides ourselves on maintaining excellent relationships with local Barristers’ Chambers and being able to work together with Chambers to identify suitable counsel for our client’s cases.  This is demonstrated well by SS’s case. Having previously instructed Ed Wylde of Pump Court Chambers in a criminal damage case which resulted in a not guilty verdict, we were confident that Ed would expertly handle this case and achieve the right result for our client. Working together with Ed, we identified the weaknesses in the prosecution case and narrowed the issues. 

A basis of plea was submitted in accordance with our client’s version of events, namely that she accepted responsibility for criminal damage and accepted that her conduct during the episode in question amounted to an affray. Ed not only persuaded the Learned Judge to sentence our client on this basis, but also obtained a guarantee in open court from the Judge that our client would not be sentenced to immediate custody. Our client received a community sentence and was not convicted on the charges of assault by beating and possession of a bladed article.

Ed obtained a guarantee in open court from the judge that our client would not be sentence to immediate custody

The outcome in SS’s case shows the three things that are the hallmarks of the service Hill Twine Solicitors prides itself on providing to our clients:

  1. Skilful and expert representation at every stage in criminal proceedings
  2. Achieving the best result for our clients based on the evidence in the case
  3. Important insight into the best counsel to instruct based on the particular facts, whether that be in-house advocates or external Counsel.

To learn more about our services at the police station and at court, visit our Criminal Defence page.

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