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Murder & Homicide

Hill Twine Solicitors & Barristers has extensive experience of dealing with homicide cases, including some of the most high-profile cases in the country.  We are one of the leading expert defence firms in Dorset representing people charged with offences of murder and manslaughter.

We recognise that these are extremely sensitive cases and require expert handling.  It is particularly important to deal carefully with media attention and consider the impact of social media in these types of cases.  There are always important decisions to be made in the preparation of such a case, and you need to be represented by specialist murder and manslaughter lawyers at Hill Twine Solicitors who have the experience and skill to advise you fully.

We work with the leading QCs in England and Wales to ensure the best representation for those charged with these most serious offences.


How We Can Help You

At the Police Station

Murder and homicide investigations are complex and police forces use as many resources as possible; their aim being to successfully prosecute the culprit. If you are arrested for killing another, it is imperative that you are legally represented right from the beginning. We can assist and advise you in all of the police interviews.

The police often need to ask the magistrates’ court to extend the custodial time limits to allow them to continue investigating whilst you are kept in custody.  We can represent you in an application for a Warrant of Further Detention.

Second Post-Mortem

The cause of death can often be key to murder and manslaughter proceedings and the police will always instruct a pathologist to conduct a post-mortem. In certain circumstances, the Coroner will grant the Defence the opportunity to instruct its own pathologist to undertake a second post-mortem. This can be crucial in defending murder and manslaughter proceedings and challenging the prosecution evidence. You will have the benefit of our significant experience in making these sensitive and complex applications to the Coroner.

Court Proceedings

Defending a person accused of homicide is complex and challenging. The cases are extremely sensitive and there is often a lot of Press interest in the proceedings and the outcome. You need to be represented by the best. Being represented by the best means instructing lawyers who excel in every aspect of Criminal Defence, including evidential analysis, criminal procedure, expert instruction, medical and scientific understanding, jury trial advocacy…the list goes on.

Hill Twine Solicitors & Barristers can give you the best.


Legal Aid

You want and need the best legal representation and, if you qualify for legal aid, you can get the best for free. We hold a Criminal Legal Aid contract which means that we can represent you at the Police Station for free. If you are eligible for legal aid we can also represent you in court proceedings for free, or with you paying a contribution towards the costs. Legal aid applications can be complex and eligibility depends on your circumstances. Instruct Hill Twine Solicitors & Barristers and you will benefit from our considerable wealth of legal aid experience.

Private Funding

If you are facing proceedings for murder, manslaughter, or other homicide offence it is highly likely that you will qualify for legal aid. However, if you do not qualify, we can represent you on a private paying basis. We offer competitive fixed fee packages for all court proceedings. Contact us to discuss your options and we can provide you with a quotation.

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