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We Say Au Revoir to Ellie Horan

The time has come to say farewell to Ellie Horan as she leave Hill Twine Solicitors to commence her barrister training course. Ellie joined the firm's Paralegal Team in December 2021. We knew it was only to be for a short while, Ellie having been awarded a Major Scholarship by Inner Temple for her Bar Course starting in September 2022. She has been a simply wonderful member of the Paralegal Team - warm and engaging, fiercely intelligent, articulate, exceptionally good with clients, proactive, independent - all of the qualities that will make her a formidable barrister in the near future. We will very much miss Ellie but we say 'au revoir' and not 'goodbye' because we look forward to instructing her as a barrister in the future. Thank you for everything Ellie. You leave with Hill Twine Solicitors' warmest wishes for the bright and rosy future you have ahead of you.

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